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14 drug therapy during breast feeding how to decrease

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Unformatted text preview: n the breast feeding infant. • Drugs that are lipid soluble readily enter breast milk. 14 Drug Therapy During Breast-Feeding How to decrease risk to infant: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Minimize use of drugs Take drugs immediately after breast-feeding. Take after Avoid drugs that have a long half-life & SR/ER formulations. Choose drugs that tend to be excluded from milk and are least Choose likely to affect the infant. likely Avoid drugs known to be hazardous (Category ?) 15 Critical Thinking Question Explain why gestational weeks 3 through 8 are considered critical when drug administration is considered during pregnancy. - Weeks 3-8 is major organ development of the fetus 16 Critical Thinking Question A patient at 34 weeks of gestation develops a lifethreatening gram-positive infection that is responsive to carbenicillin. What interests of the mother and fetus are most important here? Is this drug likely to cause significant harm to either party? May treatment reasonably be postponed? Baby is in the 3 trimester so you can still deliver the baby. You want to save both lives. You will give the mother antibiotics, which wont hurt the mother or the baby. Treatment may not be postponed. You will give the lowest therapeutic dosage 17 Drug Therapy in Pediatric Patients 18 Pediatric Patients 1. All patients under the age of 16 years 2. Respond differently to drugs than the rest of the population • • • • • More sensitive to drugs than other patients are Show greater individual variation Sensitivity due mainly to organ system immaturity Increased risk for adverse drug reaction Drug therapy is individualized 19 Pediatric Patients Ongoing growth and development Different age groups – different challenges Two-thirds of drugs used in pediatrics have never been tested Two-thirds in pediatrics in Unethical to test in peds Unethical Two laws—both promote drug research in children • Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act – 2002 • Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003 20 Pediatric...
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