Anti-inflamm Antiallergic Immunologic Drugs- pharm

He explains i always have a runny nose and the doctor

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Unformatted text preview: mouth will dry up secretions (milk) Use antihistamines with caution in: – Young children- can stimulate instead of Young drowsy drowsy – The elderly- slow and always dehydrated The Mr. C comes to the neighborhood wellness clinic where you are doing a clinical rotation. He shows you some pills and tells you his physician told him to take them for an allergy, but that he does not like how they make him feel. He explains, “I always have a runny nose, and the doctor told me I’m allergic to my dog. I won’t get rid of my dog; I just love him too much. The doctor gave me these pills; I can’t afford any pills on my own. But these pills make me sleepy during the day, and I always have a dry mouth. When I told the other nurse about these problems, she told me what to do, but I forgot what she said. Can you help me? I need to take these pills.” While he is speaking, you note that his speech is a bit slurred. You identify the pills as diphenhydramine. When you get close to Mr. C, you smell alcohol...
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