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How should you respond how iibuprofen is an anti

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Unformatted text preview: that she has always taken ibuprofen for headaches, but that ever since she had the transplant and started cyclosporine therapy, the nurses will not let her take ibuprofen. She wants you to tell her why she cannot have ibuprofen or her favorite drink, pink grapefruit juice. How should you respond? How iibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and so is cyclosporine. Your response buprofen would be to try some tylenol. She cant have grape fruit juice because you cant drink that with cyclosporine Critical Thinking Critical 1. A patient has had a renal transplant 6 months patient ago and is taking cyclosporine daily. Name three precautions that the nurse should know when caring for this patient. when 1. Infection, grape fruit juice, NSEDS (?), daily levels 2. Mrs. S. is taking cyclosporine to prevent organ Mrs. rejection after her transplant. Why is cyclosporine useful in preventing solid organ transplant rejection? What are the patient instructions for this medication? instructions 1. It suppresses the immune system Antihistamines Antihistamines Histamine Histamine Found in specialized cells Important role in: – Allergic reaction – Regulation of gastric acid secretion Distribution – Present in practically all tissues – Especially high in skin, lungs, and GI tract – Low content in plasma Synthesis/storage – Mast cells and basophils – Produced by neurons Release – Allergic – Nonallergic H1 Receptors Vasodilation – Skin of the face and upper body – Extensive ...
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