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Unformatted text preview: of them when I went home. They really cheer me up.” Mr. O is taking multiple drugs to manage his health, including glucocorticoids. Your instructor asks you to develop a plan of care for him that focuses on minimizing the adverse effects of long-term glucocorticoid therapy. 1. What do you identify as a priority piece of information to explain to Mr. O? 1. 2. You review the information on adverse effects of glucocorticoid therapy; 2. You which two adverse effects would you not include in your plan of care for Mr. O? Remember, you need to teach him information related to his individual needs. individual 3. Did you pick up any vital information in your conversation with Mr. O that 3. Did should be addressed? should Example Test Questions Questions A mother has brought her 15-month-old daughter to the clinic for immunizations. Which of the following drugs should be suggested for fever and soreness at the injection site? at 1. Aspirin 2. Advil 3. Tylenol 4. Motrin Vaccines are used to stimul...
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