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She was fortunate to have received the kidney very

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Unformatted text preview: Pain scale 1-3 Avoid contact with people who have recently been Avoid immunized with live virus (attenuated) immunized Avoid exposure to infection children at risk Avoid You are assigned to care for Tina, a 14-year-old who received a kidney transplant yesterday. She was fortunate to have received the kidney very quickly; she was not on the transplant list long. Tina’’s grandmother, s very who is her guardian, states that she is concerned about taking Tina home because of all of the medications Tina will be taking. Tina tells you, “The other nurses keep trying to teach me about this medication called cyclosporine. My grandmother is nervous about my coming home. I wish I knew more about this drug. wish 1. Tina asks you why she had so much blood taken. She says that when Tina she asked the laboratory technician, he told her that they had to monitor how her body is doing. What is your best response to Tina’s question? how 1. We are looking for WBC count and cyclosporine has a certain level it needs to be at to We be therapeutic. 2. Tina complains...
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