Anti-inflamm Antiallergic Immunologic Drugs- pharm

The nurse also presents information on the possible

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Unformatted text preview: s”. The nurse explains to Mark’s mother the rationale for receiving vaccinations. The nurse also presents information on the possible adverse reactions. reactions. 1. What rationale would you give the mother for 1. the vaccinations? the 2. What adverse reactions would you teach the 2. mother to monitor? mother Critical Thinking Exercise Critical Mrs. F. brings her two-month-old son to the Mrs. clinic for his first immunizations. The nurse administers DPT-1 and the trivalent oral polio vaccine. Mrs. F. asks how the immunizations protect her baby. What would you say? would Critical Thinking Critical A patient has been exposed to Hepatitis A patient and has been referred for an injection of gamma globulin. The patient is hesitant to get a ‘shot” and says that his immune system is fine. How should the nurse respond? respond? Immunosuppressants Immunosuppressants Immunosuppressants Immunosuppressants Inhibit immune response Uses Uses – Prevention of organ rejection – Treatment of...
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