Anti-inflamm Antiallergic Immunologic Drugs- pharm

Diseases most effective method is to create a highly

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Unformatted text preview: against infectious Purpose diseases. diseases. Most effective method is to create a highly Most immune population. immune Universal vaccine is the goal. Vaccines carry risk – but risks of disease Vaccines are much greater. are Mechanism of Action 1. Dead or attenuated vaccines---cholera, typhoid fever, pertussis, rabies, hepatitis B, influenza, polio polio 2. Attenuated live vaccines---measles, mumps, 2. varicella, rubella (MMR) varicella, 3. Toxoids---are toxins that have been altered to 3. inactivate their toxicity but are still able to induce the formation of antibodies the 4. Recombinant– partial organisms generated in 4. the laboratory (Hepatitis B) the Vaccines Vaccines 1. Vaccines are biological agents used to stimulate the immune 1. system for the purpose of disease prevention. system 2. Vaccines are antigens and not antibodies. 3. Vaccines are classified as live, attenuated (weakened), or toxiod. 4. Toxiods have been chemically modified to remove its harmful 4. nature but is still able t...
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