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Foreign phagocytize particles particles eosinophils

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Unformatted text preview: hagocytize bacteria and other foreign Phagocytize particles particles Eosinophils – Attack and destroy foreign particles that have Attack been coated with antibodies of the IgE class been Fig. 66-1. Maturation of blood cells. With the exception of platelets and erythrocytes, all of the mature blood cells shown participate in immune responses. However, only cells of lymphoid origin (cytolytic T cells, helper T cells, B cells) possess receptors that can recognize specific antigens. (CFU = colony–forming unit.) 1Monocytes that have moved into tissues are called macrophages.2Basophils that have moved into tissues are called mast cells. Antibodies Antibodies Alternative names – Immunoglobulins – Gamma globulins Family of structurally related glycoproteins Mediate humoral immunity Recognize and bind with specific antigens Produced by B lymphocytes Five classes of antibodies Five – IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, and IgM Antigens Antigens Molecules that induce specific immune Molecules responses responses May trigger production of antibodies or May cytotoxic T cells, or both cytotoxic Antibodies recognize and bind selected Antibodies small portions of the antigen small More than one antibody can bind to the More antigen antigen Childhood Immunizations Immunizations Immunizations Immunizations Purpose is to protect...
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