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Upset severe encephalitis dptconvulsions encephalitis

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Unformatted text preview: h, joint and muscle pain, and GI upset. upset. Severe----Encephalitis (DPT),convulsions, ----Encephalitis and anaphylaxis (MMR). and Contraindications to Immunizations Immunizations Current acute or febrile illness. Immunosuppressive therapy. Recent immune serum globulin, plasma, or blood transfusion. Certain malignancies: lymphomas and leukemia. Allergy to the vaccines or substances in the vaccines. Simultaneous administration of another single live virus, Simultaneous unless proved safe. unless Prior unusual allergic reaction to vaccines. Nursing Implications Nursing Schedule vaccinations as scheduled Check expiration dates Store vaccines according to instructions Know if patient has had an allergic reaction to a previous Know vaccine vaccine Epinephrine should be available for treatment of allergic Epinephrine reactions reactions Maintain accurate records Mild local reaction and fever is common Tell mother to give kid OTC such as advil Tell If develop slight fever---rest, fluids, acetaminophen Caution with patients who immunosup...
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