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Unformatted text preview: ns. She ask you, “What do you think of generic medications? Are they safe? Are they as good? Are they worth it?” good? 1. How do generic equivalent drugs differ from How trade name drugs? -Different active ingredients 2. What would you recommend that Sue do about 2. What accepting generic drugs? –tell them about the different active ingredient. You can deviate on over the counters 56 56 Where does one find medication information? information? The internet The FDA, WebMD, PubMed, anything with 57 Example Test Questions Questions 58 Why is it important for the nurse to learn the generic names of drugs? learn (select all that apply) A. The same generic name is never used for The B. C. D. more than one medication. more Generic names tell the nurse the Generic chemical ingredients of the drug. chemical The generic name of a drug will be the The same no matter which company produces the drug. the Generic names are easy to recall and Generic pronounce. pronounce. 59 Mr. P. is discharged home with a pre...
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