Category a studies indicate no risk to fetus in first

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Unformatted text preview: – Children Failure to detect all adverse effects Pregnancy Safety Categories for Drugs Drugs 1. Category A: studies indicate no risk to fetus in first trimester. trimester. 2. Category B: animal reproduction studies have not demonstrated risk to fetus, but there are no well-controlled human studies. human 3. Category C: animal reproduction studies report an adverse fetal effect, but there are no adequate studies in human beings; the benefits outweigh risks or there are no or animal reproduction studies and no adequate studies in human beings. human 4. Category D: there is evidence of fetal risk, but potential benefits may be acceptable despite risk if there are no if other safer drugs. other 51 Types of Drug Names Types 1. Chemical---chemical properties 2. Generic or nonproprietary---less expensive 2. Generic --less but may differ in bioavailability (bioavailability--but the rate and extent the active ingredient is the absorbed and is available at the site of the drug action to produce an effect) action Trade, proprietary, or brand--- may have -multiple names. (assigned by the pharmaceutical company making the drug) pharmaceutica...
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