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Unformatted text preview: e patient’s status closely. Knows the response that a drug is likely to elicit. 16 The Six Rights of Medication Administration** Medication Right medication Right medication Right client- wristband or DOB or Right asking what they are there for Right dosage dosage Right route Right route Right time Right time Right documentation Right documentation 17 Application of Pharmacology in Patient Care Patient 1. Preadministration assessment 2. Dosage and administration 3. Evaluating and promoting therapeutic Evaluating 4. 5. 6. 7. effects effects Minimizing adverse effects Minimizing adverse interactions Making PRN decisions (as needed) Managing toxicity “overdosing” 18 Preadministration Assessment Preadministration Collecting baseline data – Needed to evaluate therapeutic responses Needed and adverse effects and Identifying high-risk patients – Liver and kidney impairment – Genetic factors: compromised immune system Genetic (very old and young) (very – Drug allergies: ex: penicillin Drug – Pregnancy: dealing with two lives Pregnancy: – Elderly and pediatrics – Tools: patient history, physical exam, and lab Tools: results results 19 Dosage and Administration Dosage Certain drugs have more than one Certain indication....
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