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Effects 38 evaluation evaluation therapeutic

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Unformatted text preview: ns to promote therapeutic Interventions effects effects Interventions to minimize adverse effects 38 Evaluation Evaluation Therapeutic responses Adverse drug reactions and interactions Adherence to the prescribed regimen Satisfaction with treatment 39 Drug Therapy Problems Drug 1. Unnecessary drug therapy 2. Need for additional drug therapy 3. Ineffective drug 4. Dosage too low 5. Adverse drug reaction 6. Dosage too high 7. Noncompliance 40 Critical Thinking Question Critical The nurse is preparing to administer The prescribed drugs to a patient in the hospital. Describe how the nurse ensures that the “rights” of medication administration occurs. administration 41 Critical Thinking Question Critical Why does the nurse need to know Why the mechanism of action of an antihypertensive drug before administrating the medication? administrating 42 Critical Thinking Question Critical List the data that should be List obtained in a preadministration assessment. assessment. 43 Critical Thinking Question Critical Why are...
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