Indication dosage may differ depending on which

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Unformatted text preview: indication. Dosage may differ depending on which Dosage indication the drug is used for. indication Many drugs can be administered by more Many than one route. Dosage may differ depending on the route selected. (less dosage by IV but more by mouth) mouth) Certain IV agents can cause severe local Certain injury if IV extravasates. (vein fluid can accumulate, make sure line is patent) accumulate, 20 Dosage and Administration Dosage Read the medication order carefully. Verify the identity of the patient. Read the medication label carefully. Verify dosage calculations. Implement any special handling the drug Implement may require. may Don’’t administer any drug if you don’t t understand the reason for its use. understand 21 Evaluating and Promoting Therapeutic Effects Therapeutic Evaluating therapeutic responses – One of the most important aspects of drug therapy – Must know the rationale for treatment and the nature and Must time course of the intended response time Promoting patient adherence – Also known as compliance Implementing nondrug Also measures measures – Education of patients Implementing Non Drug Measures – Biofeedback, emotional support, weight reduction, Biofeedback, smoking cessation...
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