Minimum 11 factors that determine the intensity of

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Unformatted text preview: minimum 11 Factors That Determine the Intensity of Drug Responses in Patients Patients 1. Administration 2. Pharmacokinetics 3. Pharmacodynamics 4. Sources of individual variation 12 13 13 Application of Pharmacology in Nursing Practice Nursing 14 Effective Ways to Learn Pharmacology Pharmacology Study drugs according to classification by Study classification using key drug from each: using Indications Mechanism of action Pharmacokinetics Dosage Dosage Adverse effects Adverse Drug interactions Compare other drugs in same class to key Compare drug drug 15 Characteristics of a Nurse Advocate Who Safeguard Patients from DrugWho Induced Harm Induced 1. Keep knowledge base current. 1. 2. Refer to authoritative sources from books, Refer 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. periodicals, and colleagues. periodicals, Use correct techniques and precautions. Observe and chart drug effects explicitly. Question unclear and incorrect orders. Refuse to administer or refuse to allow others to Refuse order or administer a drug if there is reason to believe it will be harmful. believe Follows th...
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