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Smoking 22 side effects side not a desired effect not

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Unformatted text preview: , sodium restriction. smoking 22 Side Effects** Side Not a desired effect Not usually life threatening Not life Can alleviated with specific measures AKA “Common adverse effect” 23 Adverse Effect Adverse More severe than a side effect More severe Always an undesirable effect Always reported to the health care Always provider provider Can be detrimental to the patient Can cause the patient to die Can Ex: dropping a blood pressure too low “Serious life-threatening adverse effect” 24 Minimizing Adverse Effects Minimizing All drugs have the potential to produce All undesired effects. undesired Always know the following: – The major adverse effects the drug can The produce produce – The time when these reactions are likely to The occur occur – Early signs that an adverse reaction is Early developing developing – Interventions that can minimize discomfort Interventions and harm and 25 Minimizing Adverse Interactions Minimizing Take a thorough drug history. Advise the patient to avoid OTC drugs that Advise can in...
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