Therapeutic effects nature and time course of

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Unformatted text preview: tion of Pharmacology in Patient Education Patient Promoting therapeutic effects – Nature and time course of expected beneficial Nature effects effects – What is this drug supposed to be used for? Minimizing adverse effects – Insulin overdose – Anticancer and infection Educate patient about hazardous drugdrug and drug-food interactions 33 Application of the Nursing Process in Drug Therapy Process Goal: Individualize treatment Assessment (preadministration) Nursing diagnosis Planning Implementation Evaluation 34 Preadministration Assessment Preadministration Collection of baseline data to evaluate Collection therapeutic effects therapeutic Collection of baseline data to evaluate Collection adverse effects adverse Identification of high-risk patients Assessment of the patient’’s capacity for s self-care self-care 35 Analysis and Nursing Diagnoses Diagnoses Three objectives – Judge the appropriateness of the prescribed Judge regimen regimen – Identify potential health problems that Identify the drug might cause the – Determine the patient’’s capacity for s self-care self-care 36 Planning Planning Defining goals Setting priorities Identifying specific interventions – Drug administration – Interventions to enhance therapeutic effects – Interventions to minimize adverse effects – Patient education Establishing objective criteria for Establishing evaluation evaluation 37 Implementation Implementation Drug administration Patient education Interventio...
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