G h1 receptor antagonists effects tricyclic

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Unformatted text preview: PDE5 inhibitors---, Botulinum toxin---Botox (single injection Botulinum which may decrease symptoms for up to a year) year) Drugs That Worsen Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Symptoms Prostatic Antimuscarinic agents (e.g., atropine, Antimuscarinic scopolamine). scopolamine). Drugs with significant antimuscarinic Drugs effects (e.g., H1 receptor antagonists, effects tricyclic antidepressants). tricyclic Diuretics dosed late in the day can Diuretics contribute to nocturnal urinary frequency. contribute Study Guide Questions Study 1. ED is commonly associated with what ED pathologies? pathologies? 2. The risk of Ed increases with________? () is absolutely contraindicated for patients taking what drug? patients 4. __________is an herbal preparation that __________is can reduce symptoms of BPH? can 3. Example Test Questions Questions A patient beginning to take a combination estrogen-progestin product as an oral contraceptive demonstrates knowledge of adverse effects by stating to expect which of the following signs? following A. Total loss of menses B. Reduced breast size C. Fluid retention and weight gain D. Hypertension and headache A woman visits a health center requesting oral contraception. The health care provider explains to the patient that which of the following is needed as baseline before prescribing an oral contraceptive? before A. Electrolyte level B. Pregnancy test C. Liver function tests D. Vaginal cultures A women beginning to take oral contraceptives should be taught by the health care provider that to be most effective, the pills should be taken: to A. Before breakfast B. At the same time each day C. After the noon meal D. Just prior to going to bed In developing a teaching plan for a patient taking oral contraceptives, the nurse teaches which of the following may decrease the effectiveness of her chosen method of contraception? contraception? A. Antibiotics B. Antineoplastics Antineoplastics C. Calcium channel blockers C. D. Antihypertensives The nurse is screening a patient for the appropriateness of or...
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