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Lability physiological symptoms breast tenderness

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Unformatted text preview: ood Psychological lability, crying spells, social withdrawal. lability, Physiological symptoms---breast tenderness, abdominal Physiological bloating, increased appetite, weight gain, headache, backache. backache. Diagnosis---made if the symptoms are sufficiently intense Diagnosis---made and must be absent between days 4 and 12 of the menstrual cycle. menstrual SSRIs and ovulation suppressants are the most effect drug SSRIs therapy. therapy. Case Study Case Ms. W. has been prescribed estrogen Ms. replacement therapy. She comes to the neighborhood nursing wellness center, where you are doing your clinical rotation. Ms. W. asks you whether estrogens cause breast cancer. How should answer this question? question? If there is a rapid drop off of estrogen, it If could cause breast cancer. Birth Control Birth Birth Control Birth Interfering with the reproductive process of Interfering implantation of a fertilized ovum. implantation Hormonal Contraceptives Hormonal Oral contraceptives are drugs to prevent Oral pregnancy. pregnancy. The most widespread pharmacological use of The the female sex hormones is to prevent pregnancy. pregnancy. Most oral contraceptives are a combination of Most estrogens and progestins. estrogens When used appropriately are nearly 100% When effective. effective. Selection of a contraceptive is based on Selection effectiveness, safety, and personal choice. effectiveness, Oral Contraceptives Mechanism – inhibits ovulation Classification (two main categories) – Combination oral contraceptives (OCs) Estrogen and progestin – Progestin-only OCs Three major subgroups of combination---all inhibit Three ovulation by negative feedback Ocs (don’t need to know) ovulation – Monophasic---constant amount estrogen & progestin – Biphasic---estrogen constant & progestin increased to Biphasic---estrogen end of cycle end – Triphasic---amount of estrogen & progestin vary in Triphasic---amount three distinct phases three Combination Oral Contraceptives – Adverse Effects** Adverse Thromboembolic disorders- DVT, PE Thromboembolic Hypertension Hypertension Abnormal uterine bleeding Use in pregnancy and lactation – May inhibit ability to secrete hormones May Benign hepatic adenoma Benign Glucose intolerance Other adverse effects Noncontraceptive Benefits of OCs Noncontraceptive Decrease the risk of ovarian cancer, Decrease endometrial cancer, ovarian c...
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