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CSCI 1106 Sprites

Associated with the stage generated when game is

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Unformatted text preview: bers, e.g., •  Health, Lives, Score, ... •  Solu=on: Use variables to associate extrinsic proper=es with a sprite Variables •  Idea: A variable is a loca=on in the program or a sprite that stores a value •  A variable has a name by which it is referenced • A variable can be –  accessed (read) to retrieve the value it stores –  mutated (wri`en) to modify the value it stores •  Idea: The scripts associated with a sprite can access and mutate the sprite's variables Summary So Far Proper=es Sprite Name: Invader Variables 10 123 42 4 90 5 100 2 Costume1 Costume2 A Sprite's Script •  Is a sequence of blocks •  Starts on a when block •  Contains –  –  –  –  –  –  mo*on blocks control blocks sensing blocks operator blocks data blocks event blocks •  Is executed when an event occurs A Script for the Stage Sprite •  Idea: Your game will need a FRAME event –  30 =mes per second –  Allows sprites to update themselves...
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