CSCI 1106 Sprites

G lives or health of a character diculty of destroying

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Unformatted text preview:   Like other sprites, the stage has –  proper=es, sounds, and scripts associated with it Proper=es •  Key Idea: All sprites have intrinsic proper*es •  A property is a characteris=c of the sprite, e.g., –  posi*on on the stage –  direc*on of sprite (in degrees) –  costume currently worn –  size of the sprite –  visibility (showing or hidden) –  also: colour, depth, etc... •  Key Idea: Sprites are manipulated my modifying their proper=es •  But ... what if want to associate addi=onal informa=on with the sprite? Extrinsic Proper=es •  Problem: We may wish to associate addi=onal (extrinsic) informa=on with a sprite, e.g., –  Lives or health of a character –  Difficulty of destroying an obstacle –  The amount of power in a power- up •  Observa=on: –  Proper=es are typically represented as numbers, e.g., •  x posi=on, y posi=on, direc=on, etc... –  Most extrinsic informa=on is also represented as num...
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