GEO 1500 The Amazon

military control rubber 1870s to early 20th c from

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Unformatted text preview: isease − Biggest force of destruction of indigenous populations PORTUGUESE & SPANISH − 1500- date separating Spanish & Portuguese − 54 mill years before Columbus − 1/8 of population TREATY OF TORDESILLAS- 1494 − Treaty dividing Spain’s territory from Portugal’s − Decreed by the Pope − Line off coast of Cape Verde o W = Spain, E = Portuguese − Brazil cuts over line but Portugal didn’t know this (discovery was an accident) − 1500- Portugal discovers their part of Brazil − Portugal starts to expand westward BRAZIL COLONIZATION Portuguese moved beyond Treaty of Tordesillas line w/o resistance − 1888- emancipation − 1889- full independence 3 m ain GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS 1. Coastal lowlands ~ 10- =200 km wide 2. Shield/Plateau- agriculture + m ineral wealth 3. Amazonia- little European presence for 100s years, colonization didn’t begin until 19th C − Portugal wasn’t interested in Brazil at first − Initial priority was in Africa & China PORTUGAL’S IN...
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