GEO 1500 The Amazon

Nutrient poor think weak canopies protect soil from

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Unformatted text preview: ts Andes, cools, = rain When Sub tropical highs are above Sahel = months of drought, but when above Amazon there is rain b/c of water evaporating from forest There is still moisture b/c of the water evaporating from the forest & moisture from zonal winds ∴ forest is self- sustaining − − − TROPICAL LATERITE SOILS − Nutrient poor, think & weak − Canopies protect soil from erosion from intense rain − BUT dissolved nutrients in groundwater heavily leached away by large volume of water into river o = Low fertility for crops & grazing o = Low stocking densities o = Severe vulnerability to erosion when exposed to rain − DEFORESTATION − ~20% deforested in 50 years, ~20% disturbed in some way Projections − 2030- 30% remaining forest lost + 10% fall in rain − 2050- 40% remaining forest lost − WWF: 2 decades until point of no return Glacial melt in Andes: less accumulation & annual melt AMAZONIA BASIN (river) − Drains 40% of South America − Dumps 1/5 of world’s freshwater into oceans − Stretches throu...
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