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GEO 1500 The Amazon

Bank meanders become sharpened eventually get cut off

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Unformatted text preview: gh 9 countries − Andes growing b/c ocean current pushing down on continental plate o Source of glacial melt for basin − Rainfall not equal across basin − Cool air holds less moisture than warm air − Orographic effect: Andes drives up air holding moisture, cools à༎ precipitation − Mostly low elevation: <200m − Very low stream gradient: 2- 3cm/km − Andes: main source of sediment o b/c of moist air cooling into rain o ~13+ tonnes of sediment/second − Mouth of Amazon is so large b/c sediment is dropped there − river moves at diff speeds at diff arcs o o o Faster moving arcs carry more sediment than slower ones Water moves faster on the outside bank, slower at inside bank Meanders become sharpened & eventually get cut off after a flood §༊ ie Oxbow Lake- abandoned meander VEGETATION 3 Canopies- e/ adapted to diff light & moisture levels − Epiphytes: plants living on other plants: ie vines − Tropical ecosystems: ^ % of nutrients & water reservoirs in plant biomass − Weak & nutrie...
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