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GEO 1500 The Amazon

Beyond treaty of tordesillas line wo resistance 1888

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Unformatted text preview: ange of societies o Dense to highly mobile o Agricultural vs nomadic o Highly stratified vs Egalitarian − Disease often spread ahead of European colonizers − Huge factor of demise of these South American empires 1500 − 54 mill, population in Americas was 1/8 of humanity − w/i 1 century, this # significantly decreased to few million COLOMBIAN EXCHANGE − Moved from old to new & vice versa Crops − Maize (corn) came from S America − Wheat, barley, coffee from old to new world − Moved from old world to new world − Ecologically more transformative than crops − No poultry, pigs, donkeys, cows, sheep Livestock − New world had lamas and alpacas so introduction of livestock was big transformation − Indigenous were exceptional vulnerability to ‘old world’ diseases D...
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