GEO 1500 The Amazon

O authoritarian 1942 large range of societies o dense

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Unformatted text preview: nt poor soil − Roots usually don’t go deep into soil/ground o Come up from ground & into leaf litter to draw nutrients Leaf Area Index (LAI) − Area of leaf matter on each m2 of forest floor − Some LAI in Amazon > 6 − ~15% of world’s terrestrial plant biomass − Deforestation & burning releases stored carbon & reduces sequestration capacity (ability to take in carbon) o Destabilizes climate cycle − Less m oisture à༎ less clouds à༎ less reflectivity POPULATION IN AMAZON − 2/3 Spanish & 1/3 Portuguese − Andean region + Meso America spoke Indigenous languages − Aztec & Maya in Mexico − Inca in Peru − 3 powerful pre- Colombian empires − When Europeans arrived, there were small tribes & developed civilizations (some bigger than European societies o Tenochitlan: bigger then European city in 1500, now buried under Mexico City o Agricultural surpluses- some of world’s great agricultural hearths o Sophisticated road network o Autonomous agricultural innovation o Capital cities, colonies, trade links, etc. o Authoritarian − 1942: large r...
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