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Unformatted text preview: RIC EXPENDITURE IN 30 MINUTES AT 50% AND 70% VO2max 1. You burn more fat at a low exercise intensity (~ 60%) 2.  Burning fat is “beoer” than burning carbohydrate 3.  If you burn more fat you will lose more weight 206 Total Kcal 146 Total Kcal 60% CHO 88 Kcal 154 Kcal 40% Fat 58 Kcal 52 Kcal 50% VO2max 75% CHO 70% VO2max 25% Fat D. Stanforth, Stanforth, P.R., and Velasquez, K. Aerobic requirement of bench stepping. Int J Sport Med. 14: 129- 133, 1993. , How about some more research? Compared HI (80- 90%) vs LI (40- 50% VO2max) Both groups burned ~ the same total # of kcals (300 kcals) DuraIon: 25 min vs 50 min 3 days/wk for 8 weeks [Ballor, 1990] How about some more research? Which group lost more weight? Which group improved fitness more? Why? [Think principles of training] 9 9/10/13 …The Results? BODY COMP ∆: HI=LI for loss of total body mass, fat mass and % fat; increased fat- free mass. FITNESS: Only HI impr...
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