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SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

Fat 100000 kcals 3000 kcals carbs from exercise

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Unformatted text preview: nsity acIvity (+)Fast energy; (-)small amount; lactic acid Chaoer Ime…… Which system predominates during a basketball dunk – and WHY? When/under what condiIons will your muscles build up lac0c acid when running? What happens when the levels are very high? Aerobic RespiraIon/Metabolism •  Takes place within muscle cells in specialized, subcellular structures called mitochondria 1. Aerobic Glycolysis 2. Krebs Cycle 3. Electron Transport System (ETS) Aerobic glycolysis Anaerobic glycolysis Glycogen Aerobic metabolism reacIon series Glycogen Glucose Glucose ADP + Pi ADP + Pi ATP ATP Pyruvic Acid Pyruvic Acid Sufficient Oxygen Insufficient Oxygen CO2 + H2O + ATP Lactic Acid 6 9/10/13 Krebs Cycle Krebs/Citric Acid Cycle 1. ConInued breakdown of carbohydrate 2. OxidaIon of Pyruvic acid à༎ CO2 3. Small amount of ATP produce...
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