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SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

How much phospho creaine pc cp can you store it

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Unformatted text preview: Lac0c acid system •  Aerobic respiraIon Oxida0ve systems 2 9/10/13 ANaerobic Metabolism ATP producIon through chemical reacIons that require no oxygen ATP- PC System PhosphocreaIne (PC, CP) = chemical compound 1. Another high energy phosphagen 2. Stored in muscle cell ATP- PC System When does the ATP- PC System PREDOMINATE? 3 - 5 (up to 10- 15) seconds of “all out” exercise What acIviIes use the PC System? Powerful, quick starts of sprinters, football players, high jumpers, etc. How much Phospho- CreaIne (PC, CP) can you store? It depends on….. – Your size – Your diet – Your muscle mass – How you train •  There IS a limit! 3 9/10/13 Running on Empty? What happens when you deplete PC stores? When can they be replenished? Phosphagen System: Summary 1. Most readily available source of ATP for use by muscles b/c 2. ATP and PC stored directly within muscle cells So...
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