SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

Producion of lactic acid lactic acid lacic acid

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Unformatted text preview: just buy some creaIne? •  May be of some benefit if dietary levels are low •  Performance needs? •  Research is not definiIve; •  Key? “Responders” & “non- responders” Food = ATP = Energy 3. No long chemical reacIons & 4. No need to transport oxygen to working muscles 5.  Anaerobic (+)FAST ENERGY; (- )SMALL AMOUNT ANAEROBIC METABOLISM Anaerobic Glycolysis System LacIc Acid System •  Incomplete breakdown of Carbs into LacIc Acid GLYCOLYSIS = Carbohydrate How does your body store carbohydrate? Glucose Glycogen 4 9/10/13 Anaerobic Glycolysis Glycogen" (from muscle)" Glucose" or" Blood glucose" Glycolytic" sequence" Pyruvic acid" ADP + Pi" ATP" •  Predominant energy supply for high intensity, short term work (< 3 min) •  L...
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