SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

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Unformatted text preview: d Electron Transport System (ETS) •  Electrons carried down respiratory chain à༎ energy releasedà༎ more ATP produced, H2O formed Aerobic metabolism of carbohydrate •  How much ATP energy is produced from the complete breakdown of one mole/unit of carbohydrate? ~36 ATP (net) = aerobic oxidaIon of one molecule of glucose by skeletal muscle How is most of your energy stored? FAT! > 100,000 kcals (< 3,000 kcals Carbs) From: Exercise, Nutri<on & Human Performance, 6th ed. McArdle, Katch & Katch 7 9/10/13 ATP Comparison: Fat/CHO Is FAT where it’s at? Would you rather burn fat or carbohydate? Which is the “preferred fuel?” •  1 mole Glucose = _ ~ 3 6 A TP (32- 38) •  1 mole Faoy acid = 120- 160 ATP (Human adipose Issue = 138 ATP per molecule of faoy acid) F...
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