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SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

What happens when the levels are very high aerobic

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Unformatted text preview: imiIng factor? ProducIon of lactic acid Lactic acid" LacIc acid •  Produced by the partial breakdown of carbohydrate without oxygen •  Related to muscular faIgue •  Resynthesized when oxygen present “Feel the burn?” What happens when lacIc acid builds up in the muscle from high intensity (anaerobic) work? Who’s gonna win? (Think Principles of Training!) ANAEROBIC TRAINING 1.  How do you train? Overload & specificity! 2.  Neuro- Muscular differences 3. GeneIc differences 5 9/10/13 Anaerobic Glycolysis: Summary Talk it up! 1.  No oxygen required for reacIon 2.  Uses only carbohydrate 3.  Releases energy to produce a small amt of ATP (only ~ 5% of potenIal ATP) 4.  Results in the formaIon of Lactic acid which inhibits muscular contracIons 5.  Predominates during short duraIon, high inte...
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