SLIDES Energy Systems 9-10-13

Which group lost more weight which group improved

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Unformatted text preview: at Metabolism: Beta-oxidation acIvates (prepares) fats for entry à༎ Krebs Cycle & ETS Blood Glucose Glycolysis 2 PalmiIc Acid - - Krebs Cycle 2 8 32- 34 121 36- 38 129 ETS Total Fat Metabolism  What do you need? Lots of OXYGEN! (about 15% more than needed to metabolize glycogen) and  TIME (more complex = more Ime) and Carbohydrate base “Fat burns in the flame of carbohydrate” Fat Summary Beta Oxida<on 1.  Provides > 2 Imes the energy of carb or protein 2.  Abundant storage potenIal 3.  Requires oxygen 4.  Beta- oxidaIon takes Ime to predominate (12- 20 min?) 8 9/10/13 The appeal of “fat burning” BUT… you want to burn fat? Does it maoer whether you burn fat or carbohydrate? •  Who doesn’t want to “burn fat?” •  ImplicaIon? Localized fat reducIon FAT BURNING “THEORY?” In the real world…. FAT, CARBOHYDRATE AND TOTAL CALO...
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