Movement costumes also have specific designs and

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Unformatted text preview: esigns and Costumes are used to depict the different characters. are Kabuki Kabuki is a form of Japanese dance Kabuki theater that, in its original form, was first recorded in the early 1600s. recorded At that time, kabuki was performed At solely by women for the general public. solely However, the government was However, concerned with the lowered morals of the performers and audience members. the As a result, over time, kabuki came to As be performed solely by men. be Kabuki Today, kabuki is still performed by men, Today, and the men who play women’s roles are highly celebrated for their skills. are There is no distinction between drama There and dance in kabuki; these two art forms are used together to convey the story. are Kabuki frequently depicts stories Kabuki revol...
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