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The asante are an ethnic group in ghana the people

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Unformatted text preview: are an ethnic group in Ghana. The people are governed by a hierarchical monarchy; they The currently have a king. currently Dance has always been an integral part of the Asante Dance culture. culture. Most Asante dances also involve drumming, with large Most drums called fontomfrom drums (about 5 feet tall) used for warrior or heroic dances. for The drums have tonal variations, so a good drummer can The make the drum “speak” and can essentially carry on a conversation with the dancer. conversation Aside from dance being a part of everyday life, and Aside involved in rituals and rites, dance used to have an important governmental role. important At one time, the king of Asante was expected to be a good At dancer, and this was, in fact, an official qualification. dancer, The Asante king was expected to dance in front of his The people to honor his ancestors, and demonstrate his leadership. leadership. The Yoruba are an ethnic group in West Africa. Most of the Yoruba are found in Nigeria, with smaller Most groups in Benin, Ghana, and Togo. groups Yor...
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