Different the following slides will first discuss the

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Unformatted text preview: p. different The following slides will first discuss the spiritual roots of The some dances, will then discuss some of the elements of the various African dances, and finally will focus in on the dances of two specific ethnic groups. dances Many African dances have religious or spiritual Many connections, and, like other religious dances, serve to celebrate religious rites or worship the gods or spirits. celebrate For the dancers involved in such dances, their bodies For allow them to connect with the spirits. allow Often, the dancing is meant as a way of emptying the Often, dancer’s body to allow spiritual possession to occur. dancer’s The different movements of a dance reflect the different The languages of the various spirits, and by learning and performing these movements, the dancer is preparing him/herself for possession by any of the spirits. him/herself Music is a vital part of almost every African dance However, there are many dances (some hunting dances, or However, those associated with magic or mystical elements) that are performed in silence....
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