Groups yoruba cosmology recognizes two realms the

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Unformatted text preview: uba cosmology recognizes two realms: the tangible Yoruba realm of the living, and the invisible realm of the spirits (gods, ancestors, etc.). (gods, For the Yoruba people, a dancer’s body is where these For two realms meet and interact. two Many Yoruba ceremonies involve spiritual possession. Drumming and chanting of songs (oríki) specific to the Drumming desired deity, along with dancing, help the people to invoke the deity. invoke In such ceremonies, priests or priestesses in the service of In the given spirit will begin dancing. At the moment of possession, their dancing will change to reflect the nature and qualities of the deity. and The Yoruba people also participate in a type of festival The called an egungun. called During an egungun, dancers masquerade as deceased During family ancestors. family The dancers wear elaborate, full-body masks, and it is The only through their steps and gestures that the masks “come to life” and reveal their power. to Though the community members usually know who is Though under the mask, they participate in the masquerade, and interact with the dancer as if he/she is the spirit of their ancestor. anc...
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