Performed music and singing offers another way to

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Unformatted text preview: performed Music and singing offers another way to depict and Music remember life’s events or history, to pass on stories and legends, or to portray feelings or emotions. legends, Dance has these same purposes; thus, for most Africans, Dance music and dance are vitally entwined. music Using one’s own body by slapping, stamping, or clapping, Using often provides musical accompaniment for dance. often In such a way, the dancers themselves often create or add to In the rhythm or music of a dance. the Other instruments frequently used include drums of all Other kinds, rattles, gourds, sticks, bells, and anything else that can be used to make sound. can Costuming is also a vital element of many African dances. Costumes can range from elaborate outfits that completely Costumes cover the body, to a single skirt or bracelet, with the rest of the body revealed. of Often, rattles or bells attached to the costumes will lead to Often, the inclusion of movements that create the desired sounds. th...
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