The for example many pelvic contractions are often

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Unformatted text preview: e For example, many pelvic contractions are often included For for the purpose of moving rattles that are worn around the waist. waist. Often, costumes involve masks, with a mask being as Often, small as a cap, or large enough to cover the entire body. small Masks usually have spiritual symbolism, with the mask Masks representing a particular spirit. representing By wearing a mask, a dancer is transformed into the spirit By or being he is depicting. or The dancer’s identity is also not revealed, according to The tradition. tradition. It is hard to generalize the movements among the It multitude of African dances. multitude However, many traditional African dances involve body However, segmentation, with different parts of the body (arm, foot, head, eye, etc.) moving individually. head, Many dances also involve kinds of jumps. Many The Masai people of Kenya incorporate purely vertical The jumping on two feet in their dances. jumping Other groups utilize more complex jumps in their dancing. The Asante...
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