Lecture 16 - Beg. of Final Review DENTAL Notes on Slides

40 of preschoolers have up to 89 oz of soft drinksday

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Unformatted text preview: on Immature •Plaque-filled mouth filled •Low saliva •Long bottle contact Early Early Childhood Caries Caries The “Sippy” & Juice Issue Consumed constantly Considered nutritious Contributes to ECC Contributes to childhood obesity Soda Stats • Soft drink intake up 500 % in past 50 yrs. • 40% of preschoolers have up to 8.9 oz of soft drinks/day – 11.7% have 9+ oz/day Sugar-free drinks cause demineralization as well from the acid content ! Best Oral Health/Nutrition Messages for Kids • Balanced diet high in fruits & veggys • Have sweets with meals – Stay away from slowly dissolving candies and lozenges • No overnight bottle unless H 2 O • LImit juice to 6 oz/day • Limit sippy cup, and sodas any time • Limit the frequency of snacks to no more than 2 Teens: The Soda Issue Teens: • 1977: 1977: 12-19 yr. olds drank 16 oz/day • 1996: 28 oz./day • 27% of all drinks are soda * • single biggest source of refined sugars in American Diet • incentives to schools • increased caries rate • substitutes for more nutritious drinks like milk * Nat. Soft Drink Association Eating Disorders Eating Adults Adults Root Caries &...
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