Lecture 16 - Beg. of Final Review DENTAL Notes on Slides

Chemistry in britain 2002 krall dent clin of na

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Unformatted text preview: i-plaque bacterial effect*(via catechins) via catechins Calcium & Vit. D: may Vit may clinical attachment attachment loss and tooth loss# Dentate Dentate Status affects Nutritional Status # affects Antioxidants that Antioxidants t hat may be affected by tooth loss, may modulate both periodontal disease and systemic disease (such as CVD, cancer, stroke) ** ** *Czajka-Jakuboswka et al. Chemistry in Britain, 2002 Krall, Dent. Clin. Of NA ## Sahyoun,Krall, JADiet A, 2003 Of Sahyoun A, # Krall, Annals of Perio, 2001 , Nishida J, J Periodontol. 2000 Krall Annals P...
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