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Lecture 16 - Beg. of Final Review DENTAL Notes on Slides

Xerostomia inverse correlation between vitamin c

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Unformatted text preview: amp; Periodontal Disease • Multiple meds xerostomia xerostomia • Smoking cessation • Hard candies and breath lozenges Elders: Dentate Status • Tooth loss affects dietary quality and nutrient intake • Tooth loss risk of low body mass index and weight loss, among vulnerable populations Health conditions affect food choices & immunity •Meds . Xerostomia • Inverse correlation between vitamin C levels and Possible Oral Changes with Age that can affect Oral Health • Decreased taste and smell • Low saliva Eating for Oral Health Minimize use of sugar-containing foods and beverages between meals AVOID: hard candies & breath mints Points to Remember • Brush and floss regularly • Protect teeth with fluoride • Have carbohydrate and sugar-containing foods at meals rather than as frequent snacks • Have a nutritious diet Summary: Common Myths Debunked • • • • Expect dentures by middle age Fluoride is only important for kids Only sucrose causes tooth decay How much sugar you eat is the most important factor • A hard toothbrush is best Active Research Active Green and Black tea: may have may anti-plaque ant...
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