Lecture 16 - Beg. of Final Review DENTAL Notes on Slides

Of diet factors increasing risk factors decreasing

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Unformatted text preview: Found in many food products Relative cariogenicity of a cariogenicity food is NOT correlated with its CHO content Kandelman, D, 1997 What Determines What Cariogenic Potential of Diet? of Diet • Factors Increasing Risk • Factors Decreasing Risk • Eaten or sipped often • Consumed infrequently • Eaten or sipped for prolonged periods • Consumed fast • Liquid or fast removal from mouth • Highly retentive in mouth • No rinsing or brushing after • Oral hygiene after • Xerostomia • No xerostomia Potentially Cariogenic Foods Foods Highly Cariogenic • • • • dried fruits candy, hard candy cake, cookies, pie crackers • chips Moderately Cariogenic • • • • fruit juice sweetened, canned fruit soft drinks breads Low Cariogenicity • raw vegetables • raw fruits • milk Non-cariogenic • meat , fish, poultry meat • fats and oils Cariostatic • cheeses cheeses • nuts • xylitol Summary: Which is More Summary: Cariogenic ? • one hard candy OR • one soda • consumed slowly • con...
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