Lecture 16 - Beg. of Final Review DENTAL Notes on Slides

Significant racial and ethnic disparities children

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Unformatted text preview: ound in about 25% of the population. (significant racial and ethnic disparities). •Children lose about 632,000 school days •Adults lose about 3.6 million workdays/year from oral health pain and suffering. • Dental disease can result in profound behavioral consequences: Loss of self-esteem, Social avoidance Loss of self-confidence, diminished ability to function in society From: NIDCR(www.nih.nidcr.gov) 1999 and Surgeon General’s Report, 2000. Common Oral Problems Oral Infections Dental Caries (tooth decay) Periodontal disease (gum disease) Tooth Loss Significant Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease in Humans* This relationship has long been known in dogs Loesche, Compendium 15 (8) l994 How Periodontal Disease occurs • Also called gingivitis, pyorrhea • Plaque bacteria infect gums • Gums recede • Bacteria infect jaw bone • Jaw bone recedes Nutrition & Perio Disease Poor diet decreases resistance to infection and reduces healing Strong assoc. with vitamin C and calcium Vitamin...
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