10 pts a g b i c k d m e b using minimax

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Unformatted text preview: move from A? (Indicate a letter) (4 pts) 9 M T [1 ] A MAX B MIN MAX MIN F [1 ] C H [5 ] G N [1 0 ] O [4 ] D J [3 ] I P [3 ] Q [1 5 ] E L [2 4 ] K R [6 ] S [2 ] M T [1 ] C: Trace the steps of Alpha beta pruning on the same tree above. Note that alpha, betas are updated before pruning occurs, if in doubt consult the reference implementation given on the tear-off sheet. List the leaf nodes in the order that they are statically evaluated. (10 pts) What are the final Alpha Beta values at node E (4pts) Alpha = Beta = What are the final Alpha Beta values at node A (4pts) Alpha = Beta = 10 D: For a full binary tree (branching factor = 2) of depth 3 (4 layers of nodes including the layer with the root node, 8 nodes in the bottom layer), with the root node being a MAX node, what is the fraction of leaf nodes that are statically evaluated under alpha beta pruning under conditions of maximum pruning? (11 pts) Use the space below to show your work: E: For a given depth, d, does the fraction requested in part D increase, d...
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