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Unformatted text preview: ecrease, or stay the same with increasing b. Circle your answer (7 pts) Increase Decrease Stay the same Explain: 11 Quiz 2, Problem 2: Constraint Propagation (50 Points) Important note: there is no search in this problem, only constraint propagation. On the newly colonized planet Mars, cities consist of pressurized domes connected by a series of tubes. Each dome is designated for a specific type of use, and there are some restrictions on what sorts of domes can be connected to each other: 1. A Residential dome can only be connected to another Residential dome, a Commercial dome, or a Park. 2. A Commercial dome can only be connected to a Residential dome, another Commercial dome, or an Industrial dome. 3. An Industrial dome can only be connected to a Commercial dome or another Industrial dome. 4. A Park can only be connected to a Residential dome. You decide to use constraint propagation to design a new Martian city. You begin with the following partially completed plan, with some domes already designated and their neighboring domains reduced...
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