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Unformatted text preview: oo small and faces are too large The observation that trajectories are too small and transitions are too large The observation that cultures are defined by their fairy tales The observation that the intelligence of a songbird lies half way between insects and humans None of the above Tear off sheets—you need not hand in the tear off sheets Q1P1 RULES: R0 : IF (?X) goes to MIT, THEN (?X) is a muggle, (?X) consumed butterbeer R1: IF (?X) made math jokes AND (?X) consumed butterbeer THEN (?X) was transfigured into a porcupine R2: IF (?Y) fancies (?X) AND (?X) fancies (?Y) AND (?Y) is a muggle THEN (?X) snogged (?Y) R3: IF (?X) fancies (?Y) AND (?X) made math jokes, THEN (?Y) fancies (?X) R4: IF (?X) made math jokes THEN (?X) goes to MIT You start with the following list of assertions which is all you have to go on. ASSERTIONS: A0: Olga made math jokes A1: Yuan goes to MIT A2: Jeremy made math jokes A3: Hermione consumed butterbeer A4: Jeremy fancies Hermione 39 Q1P2 Q2P1 A MAX B MIN MAX MIN 40...
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