Advanced alien technology has disabled use of phones

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Unformatted text preview: use of phones and internet, so you and your friends decide to go across the river to Boston to get help and to tell everyone what’s going on. You decide to use the secret underground network of tunnels underneath the campus to get from your starting location at S, to the subway station at T. You have the above graph of the underground tunnels. The edges are labeled with distances, and the nodes are labeled with a heuristic estimate to your destination at T. When performing search, ties are broken by choosing the node that is alphabetically first. Note that node G is not the goal node in this problem. 5 Part A: Depth-First Search. (15 points) A1: You first attempt to pick your route using Depth-first search with an extended list. Draw your search tree: Also, show your extended list at the time your search terminates: A2: What is the final path that is found using depth-first search? 6 Part B: Beam Search (15 Points) B1: Next, you try to pick your route using Beam Search with a beam width of 2, using an extended list. In the event of a tie, use the alphabetical...
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