Candidate 32 gender breed exceptional quality

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Unformatted text preview: perspective of departments, such as EE, MechE, Physics, and XV: Everybody Engineering EE Science Management MechE Physics XV Consumables Drink Food Junk Pizza Alcoholic Expensive Nachos Beer Caviar Non alcoholic Burgundy OJ Next, she develops an initial map with three relations: Map element Subject Relation Object 1 EE Eats Pizza 2 XV Eats Caviar 3 MechE Drinks Alcoholic beverage Note that in this map, there is no concept of neighboring cell. She has decided to put that off for a while. Accordingly, each adjustment to the map alters only that cell judged closest to the new relation flowing into the map. 33 Part A Now, President Hockfield observes the following: Subject Relation MechE Eats Object Nachos Not fully remembering Professor Winston's lecture, she asks you to adjust the map to accommodate this information using the classification trees and edit distance (number of up and down steps in the classification tree needed to go from one combination to the other) to determine which element to change. You don't quite remember how to change the selected element, but fortunately, you took a photograph of Professor Winston's practice board: If Then Else if Then Else sample object classification extends map object classification extend map classification object by one class sample object classification and map object classification are the same do nothing trim map object class...
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