For the first two iterations fill out the first two

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Unformatted text preview: ions, fill out the first two rows in the table below, noting the rules whose antecedents match the data, the rule that fires, and the new assertions that are added by the rule. For the remainder, supply only the fired rules and new assertions. As usual, break ties using the earliest rule on the list that matches. If the earliest rule matches more than once, break ties by assertion order. Matched 1 2 3 4 5 3 Fired New assertions added to database Part B: Backward Chaining (26 points) Ron Weasley claims that Hermione snogged Jeremy. Use backward chaining to determine if this event occurred. Draw the goal tree for this statement. Partial credit will be given for partial completion of the goal tree. Hermione snogged Jeremy Is the claim that Hermione snogged Jeremy true? 4 Quiz 1, Problem 2: Search (50 points) Aliens have invaded the MIT campus, thinking that the Stata Center was their mothership. Despite their realization that it was not, they went ahead with their invasion plan anyway. Advanced alien technology has disabled...
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